23 Jul 2017

As an outsider, new to a foreign land, I often ask if my Chinese friends if my observations are representative of normal behaviour. I’m not questioning what is ‘normal’, but what is culturally typical.

Perhaps I’m always looking at it from too much of a ‘British’ perspe...

19 May 2017

It's not Yorkshire tea thats for sure 

A little more than three months ago, Mark and I popped our London bubble and moved across the world to settle in another comfortable leafy corner of another large and heavily populated city, the most populated city in the worl...

25 Apr 2017

A neighbour cleans beansprouts in the sunshine

Last week I was commenting on WeChat about why it’s still rare to find an oven in a home here. The majority of Chinese cuisine requires just a wok and a cleaver, which when you think about it, is wonderfully simple. Ovens a...

11 Apr 2017

Definitely over compensating for something

Last week was a good week. There was a three-day public holiday and a very special friend came to stay with us, so special in fact, because without her, Mark wouldn’t have had the bravado to chat me up outside an East London ni...

31 Mar 2017

Toto, we're not in London anymore 

If you’ve ever been to China and had dinner with a Chinese person here, you will inevitably come across a very simple yet gargantuan question. To welcome us to Shanghai a lovely friend of ours took us out for dinner where she casually...

20 Mar 2017

All Shanghai women match their knickers to their surroundings

We are now settled in our new flat, the nagging maintenance is finished and the slightly stale smell present when we moved in has gone. A housewarming gift arrived from my sister, a gorgeous paper cut map of...

13 Mar 2017

A lonely week, not through boredom, but through a feeling of isolation, like I’ve suddenly gone deaf.

I’m sure most who have ever migrated to the other side of the world, to a vastly different culture have experienced this. While Mark is at work, I spend my day wanderin...

6 Mar 2017

My grandfather, Xu (Zee) Bao Shan and grandmother Doris Zee 

Do you remember what were you doing this time last year?

I was cooking and shooting images for my book, waiting for the rising and setting suns for the right light, not too dark and not too bright. Mexican brea...

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